30 Sunnybrae Center

Arcata , CA. 95521



Humboldt County Menu

All ingredients raised & produced entirely local

Weds Aug 6:00 PM

38.00 per Person




Beef Carpacio

w/Arugula, lemon, red bell peppers & red onion


Primo Piatto


Barley Soup

w/ Roasted red bell peppers, zucchini & basil


Secondo Piatto


Roasted Lamb

In white wine, herbs, onion & red pepper (chiles)

w/ Warren Creek Farm beans



String Beans

Stewed in a tomato, onion, garlic & basil




Peach & Honey Ice Cream

w/ Flying Blue Dog Tea


*All ingredients are from Humboldt County.

Our County produces excellent organic produce

and great sustainable beef & lamb.

We will only be serving wines from grapes grown & produced in

Humboldt County.